Two Tip Tuesday – Challenge finish and next up

I had wonderful Saturday… at a Sewcation!!! I was so excited to be back in a room with like minded quilters and my friend Cheryl! Thanks to Gina Zeleznok of Stitching with Gina for her one day Sewcation. We each had our own table to sew at and every table was 6 ft. apart. We wore our masks when not sitting at our sewing machine and it worked well!!! I took my Pinwheel Bows to finish up the border. So that is my challenge finish! It is amazing how a border can simply pull an entire quilt together. Photo below…

Pinwheel Bow by D. Wendt

I want to point out some things that happened and my fixes/decisions/finish. So, one of my fat quarters was not quite a FQ. This resulted in running out of fabric for a few border pieces. No fear, I have IDEAS! So, instead of searching for more fabric, I used what I had on hand. I bought this wonderful blue background Kaffe dot to use as my binding for this quilt. Thankfully, I bought extra.

#1 – buy extra if you really like a fabric! It just might come in handy for another purpose! That blue dot fabric became the framing corners for the Pinwheel Bows. Problem solved.

AND the FQ that was a bit too small…I pieced the extra together to make another rectangle so I could place a teal on each of my four sides. Yes, I had the power (and knowledge) to make it happen. No panic and I didn’t have to go buy more fabric. I am showing you a close up of my seam. I made sure to follow the pattern and from a distance, you won’t even be able to tell it was pieced (especially after it is quilted).

#2 – Piece together fabric if needed! Have you seen antique quilts? They did it all the time. It is called use what you have on hand!! Can you tell, yes, because I pointed it out to you. I feel it just add charm and connection. Connection to those who came before me and made do with what they had!

I am continuing on with another challenge for May. This month the block is a LOG CABIN. I love a log cabin block. It just says QUILT to me. the fabric pull was on Monday. We will continue to follow the same time line, posting four Mondays over on Instagram. Week 1 – fabric pull, Week 2 – Sneak Peek 1, Week 3 – Sneak Peek 2 and Week 4 – Reveal. My Red-White-Blue fabrics are a favorite I like to work with. I think I may keep it small….I’ll keep you posted as the month progresses! Stay tuned to see how the “logs” get chopped! <grin>

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