Two Tip Tuesday – Log Cabin Challenge

I’ve been working on my Log Cabin block Challenge. My photo share over on Instagram is below…

What I said about the Sneak Peek #1…. This is either a really small block or very large seam roller…what is your guess?

My tips today will help you with that guess.

When working with tiny pieces, it is good to have tiny seams! The standard 1/4″ seam allowance will cover my next piece, so a chunky 1/8″ it is!

#1 – Use a smaller seam allowance for tiny projects.

As you will see in the photos below, I have a white strip with darker fabrics under it. To prevent show through of the darker seam allowances, (There is a hint of blue in the top left photo) I trimmed out some of the blue fabric under the seam allowance, bottom left. So this made sure the white seam allowance will completely cover the darker fabrics. There may be a shadow but at least you will not see the red or blue under the white fabric.

#2 – Trim back the darker seam allowances to keep them from showing through lighter fabrics!

Have a super week sewing something fun!

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