Two Tip Tuesday – Log Cabin Challenge

This week I continued with the Log Cabin Block Challenge. I post my Sneak Peek #2 over on Instagram. My photo is below.

My second Sneak Peek is a “little” more progress on my Log Cabin. My center is starting to be surrounded by other “logs”…but with other logs making an appearance first. In other words, I have several logs that have been added before the first log will get all its sides surrounded. I’m having fun with this “little” project! The reveal will be next week!

I’ve had the privilege at being in Florida this week for our granddaughter’s bridal shower. I made the wedding party’s face masks that will be required. It is not fair of me to show them until after the wedding but I can show what other present I gave. Monogram towels! She loved them! With my embroidery machine out of commission, a friend did them for me.

How many of you have an embroidery machine? Do you incorporate the embroidery into quilts? I have not does this very often but have seen some amazing quilting with embroidery. I have longarm quilted quilts with embroidery for customers….back when I offered that service. So, I’ll focus on TWO tips with embroidery in mind. At least my opinion about using embroidery or specialty stitches.

Embroidery typically uses a stabilizer on the back of the piece. Consider using a stabilizer that is soft and pliable. I’m not a fan of stiff area under the beautiful embroidery. If it is a wall hanging, it is not a huge concern. But for a quilt… #1 – Try using a soft lightest weight stabilizer when putting embroidery in a quilt.

Think about quilting of the embroidery. Does it need any quilting in the middle of the embroidery? Can it just be outlined? Or is it small and thin enough you can quilt right over the top of it. Those are decisions you will have to make! I’ve done all of the above. My tip is to “#2 – keep the quilting simple around embroidery. Outlining might be all that is needed.

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