Two Tip Tuesday – procrastination

Yep, that is me! I’m really good at procrastinating. I should have a frowny face instead of an exclamation mark. I got my great niece’s quilts done and sent. Just a few months late, she was born in February. I’ll show the quilts below. I’m super happy with both of them. And I know they will be well loved. (Don’t mind the wavey bottom on the diamonds. It was windy day and we couldn’t get it to stop moving for the picture.)

A couple weeks ago I showed a shower gift for our granddaughter. Well, the wedding quilt did not get made…..yet! So, bad on me the procrastinator. BUT, I have the fabric, know what pattern I will make, so I think that partially counts. I won’t show that quilt until it is done.

Do you procrastinate? Do you eventually get the quilts done? I definitely get them done, eventually!!

My best tips for getting your quilts made…..

#1 – Set yourself a deadline. It does work, even if the deadline is past the date it “should” have been done.

#2 – If you are not “feeling it”, put it aside and work on another project. Sometimes (for me) if I’m only thinking about another project, I go ahead and DO IT! I get to mark something completely different off my list and it makes the one I’m procrastinating about easier to focus on when I get to it!

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