Two Tip Tuesday – KC In Person and Vermont Quilt Festival VIRTUALLY

It has been a couple of busy weeks! Last week on Tuesday I was sitting on a plane with a 3 hour delay due to a computer shut down that didn’t seem to make the news. So, needless to say, I was LATE and didn’t get a change to get Two Tips posted. Wednesday was setup for the Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival! Then the show Thursday-Saturday. Thank you, thank you to all who came through my booth for the show! It was WONDERFUL to be IN PERSON and no mask!

This week I’m teaching virtually for Vermont Quilt Festival. I’ve had two wonderful class so far (Become a Brilliant Binder and Twirl-A-Tool) and have one more tomorrow (4-3-2-1-DONE with Fat Quarters) and a lecture (Bindings a World of Options) on Friday evening. There is still time to sign up for the lecture.

The week before all of this we were in Florida for our granddaughter’s wedding. Beautiful, rainy and a nice ceremony!

It will be back to designing very soon. I have several NEW things happening for Fall Market! Keep your eyes peeled as I begin sharing!

Today the VQF class was Twirl-A-Tool. A fun use of Brilliant Bindings as a cutting template. With using any template, it is good to have some kind of grippy to help hold the template in place on your fabric when cutting. My favorite is True Grips, no affiliation, just a fan. They are very grippy and very thin. Did you know you can use the entire sheet of the product?

#1- Add True Grips to the back of your templates or rulers to help them grip the fabric. (see the circles on Brilliant Bindings below)

Another tip I often share is to mark your rulers when you need a reference point. A Sharpie marker will wipe right off with an alcohol wipe!

#2- If marking on a ruler use a Sharpie…rubbing alcohol takes it off!

I hope you are working on a summer fun project!

in quilting,


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