Two Tip Tuesday – Challenges

I’ve got two guild challenges on my design wall right now. I can’t show you either until their reveal. I’m super excited about both of these!

The first guild challenge is half squares. We all made the same number of half squares whatever size we wanted. I used a charm pack and cut white background to go with each charm. 144 half squares later…and a surprise layout….we were given the layout! I love my quilt top center. I’m now adding borders! I’ve used polka dots. Super excited to finish! I’ll give you a sneak peak…

In my second guild, our challenge is Red and White. We can’t make it larger than 36″ square. Yikes, I love to make lap quilts. I just took mine off the longarm. I’m happy with the outcome, now to put on the binding. No hints or peaks on this one. I’ll show them both finished next week.

Do you participate in Challenges????

My reasons to “just do it”!! (and my TIPS for this week, more than TWO!!)

  1. It can use up fabric from your stash.
  2. OR…..a reason to buy MORE fabric!!
  3. It might be simple and you can use it to give to family.
  4. It often gets you out of your comfort zone…I consider this a good thing! And a great reason to do it…remember it is called a Challenge for a reason!
  5. You may learn a new technique.
  6. Your quilt will not look like anyone else’s quilt (usually).
  7. Same theme, usually very different outcomes.
  8. Inspiration!
  9. You are participating in your guild!
  10. Sometimes there are prizes (not one of my reasons for doing it, but might be for some)

Now a question for you…

When participating in a Challenge, do you want a required fabric to use? Or just rules?

I’m curious, as I’m going to be the Challenge chair for next year in one guild. I’ve got some ideas, but the questions I just asked are on my mind. Thanks in advance for your input!

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