Two Tip Tuesday – one challenge revealed

I promised photos from last week. I can reveal one challenge. The other will be next week. This reveal if for BVHQ (Blackstone Valley Heritage Quilters) Half Squares Challenge. The challenge included making 144 half squares of any size and fabrics of our choice. I had a charm pack of dots and blenders. There are fabrics from Michael Miller, RJR, P&B and more (I’m sure more, as that is how I collect fabric!! <grin>) I added Kona white to make two identical half squares. Since we could make any size half squares, I cut the white into 5″ squares to match the charms. Perfect and I trimmed to make 4″ finished Half-squares (4 1/2″ unfinished). When making the half squares, we did not know out layout. What? YES, we did not know how we were going to put our half squares together.

We each got a different layout! What fun!! My layout is called “Disrupted”, see below.

Now, I had all these different colors and white. but I realized the layout would work great to put the two like half squares together in the layout to create the diamond shapes. And since I had a rainbow of colors, I was excited to see how I could move those colors across the design. And “disrupt” one or two of the colors. I LOVE how it worked and turned out!

A side note: each member who participated in the challenge go a different layout. The layouts were in a set by a designer. I’m sorry I don’t have their name. We had a wonderful end of the year Strawberry Shortcake Show and Tell our Challenges! I only have photos of my result. (I took my photos as night, so the lighting was off.)

Some project are meant to be a Challenge, ya just might not know what the result will be. I LOVE my result! I added borders to continue in the “Disrupted” idea. I auditioned them before I sewed them on.

#1 – Audition before you sew! I had the angles of the borders in several different spots before the final decision was made and sewn.

I used a polyester batting, not usually my go to. However, it really helps the quilting stand out. The pantograph I used is “Spiral Rings” by Irene Steele for Willow Leaf Designs.

#2- If you want your quilting to stand out, try polyester batting. This was a low loft poly but it still highlights the quilting lines.

TRY a Challenge! It is worth the unknown!! I went to write and add the label and realized… this quilt was a perfect name for the last year. DISRUPTED! Shows cancelled, teaching at shows also cancelled and life got put on hold. I’m SOOOOO excited to have had an in person show and the prospects for in person teaching and guild lectures! Cheshire Quilter’s Guild of Keene, NH…I be there IN PERSON tomorrow night!!

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