Two Tip Tuesday – How much fabric?

Fabric shopping, yes please! I LOVE to shop for fabric. I like putting quilt ideas together and that includes choosing fabric. Often, I find a fabric or group of fabrics and then decide what to do with them later. If I have a quilt in mind and a “look” I’m going for that is another way to pick fabrics. But what about if you have no clue what quilt you want to make….how much fabric to purchase? I over estimate!! What is the worst that can happen? You can add it to your stash. You can use it as part of a pieced backing (my favorite).

Buying fabric for the border? Get the length of your longest border. I usually get 3 yards for a large quilt. If I’m also using it somewhere in the middle of the quilt, I’ll get 4-5 yards. Definitely the higher number if it is also the binding.

For the background? 4 yards. If the quilt has a lot of open space, I might up that to 6 yards.

Other fabrics in the quilt? 1/2 – 1 yard of several fabrics or a BUNCH of Fat Quarters.

If you love it??? I’ve been known to buy 6 yards!! Um, the rest of the bolt….sure!

Fabric companies now print limited quantities per fabric line. Some lines are kept around for a couple years others for more. We do see a change in colors, so keep that in mind if you have a favorite.

I’ve given several tips in making choices and yardage strategies. Go forth and BUY FABRIC….

in quilting,


P.S. Houston International Quilt Festival has opened class enrollment!
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