Two Tip Tuesday – Simplify Pieced Units

I’m about to go cross-eyed with all the computer time I’ve been doing. I’m still working on the secret projects but I’m getting closer to a reveal!

So today, it is back to the basics. I am a fan of knowing good construction tips and simplifying steps if possible. A couple days ago I was sewing diamonds and triangle together. The shape, once sewn was a half hexie. Silly me, I know how to simplify that step! Next time I need that pieced unit, I will sew two strips together. A good example is a Baby Block (also called a tumbling blocks). A Baby Blocks quilt is below…

Hex-a-ma-jig Baby Blocks D.W.

The traditional construction is three diamonds sewn together into the Baby Block. To avoid a “Y” seam you can make the same block with a triangle on top of a diamond.

But with Hex-a-ma-jig or Hex-a-ma-jig Jr., you can use a strip pieced unit to accomplish this! The diagram below is three strips sewn together (medium – dark – light). Using the dashed seam lines on my Hex tools you can cut both side of the block from this strip pieced section. The blue tape on the tool is to clarify placement and to show position for the photo.

This technique saves time!

#1 – Use Hex-a-ma-jig and Hex-a-ma-jig Jr. for making baby blocks or a baby blocks quilt. Directions for this technique are INCLUDED in the tool’s instructions!

#2- Look for ways to simplify your sewing. Many times sewing strips together to form a strip pieced unit will save time!

Look for Hex-a-ma-jig and Hex-a-ma-jig Jr. at your local quilt shop. Or order directly from me at (use highlighted link above).

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