Two Tip Tuesday (on Wednesday) – 10 Days of Holiday Prep

Today I’m sharing a blog hop I am participating in. It started yesterday and so Day 1 was actually on Nov. 30th, sorry my confusion in not getting it posted yesterday. BUT, I’ll post the links below for the 10 days of Holiday Prep. Today’s Holiday idea is over at Perkins Dry Goods. Celine Perkins has posted a Holiday gift idea and recipe. Day 1 is Linda Pearl at One Quilting Circle. (click on the highlighted links to see their posts) Linda did a great introduction with a list of those the designers/creatives participating. All you have to do is follow along to get some great IDEAS and recipes for the Holidays!

I’ll reserve my tips for my TWO days of posting for the hop. Yes, that is two days…Dec. 6th and 8th! Be sure to poke around and see what these designers are up to. I’ll see you back here on Dec. 6th for my first hop post. The schedule for the Holiday Prep Blog Hop by day is listed below. ENJOY!!

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Day 1 – Nov.30th – One Quilting Circle – Linda Pearl

Day 2 – Dec. 1st – Perkins Dry Goods – Celine Perkins

Day 3 – Dec. 2nd – The Quilt Branch – Susan Knapp

Day 4 – Dec. 3rd – Big Bee Applique – Melissa Bryan

Day 5 – Dec. 4th – Perkins Dry Goods – Celine Perkins

Day 6 – Dec. 5th – Creative Arts Professionals – Morna McEver Golletz

Day 7 – Dec. 6th – Wendt Quilting – Debbie Wendt (right here!)

Day 8 – Dec. 7th – One Quilting Circle – Linda Pearl

Day 9 – Dec. 8th – Wendt Quilting – Debbie Wendt (back to me again!)

Day 10 – Dec. 9th – One Quilting Circle – Linda Pearl

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