Two Tip Tuesday – Time to Recharge

When do you recharge? Some days just go so quickly, there is no time to do what you planned. Do this ever happen to you? It happened to me today. I was set to do two tips and then got an email from a customer saying Hex-a-Mini was not on my website….OOPS! That slipped right past me. So, NOW it is on my website. Yay! Check out my new Hex-a-Mini and all the wonderful project you can make with this tool. Not exactly what I had was going to do today, but so important and I got it done. So Two Tips will be a bit slim today. HOWEVER, with the Winter Tree-Land post yesterday and another Holiday Prep idea tomorrow, I hope you will forgive me.

I recharged this weekend with donating a decorated tree to Trees of Hope! Those mug shapes I showed a couple weeks ago are now with a new home. A young mom won my tree, Sleigh Ride!! I found a beautiful flocked 6 1/2 foot tree to adorn with bells, bows, mugs and more bells! “Just hear those sleigh bells jingling….” Trees of Hope is a wonderful event and get me in the spirit of Christmas giving. Donations from raffling off the Trees goes to DetecTogether and the Alzheimer’s Association, to further educate and assist all affected. Sleigh Ride on the left, a close up and then again in right photo. My friend Sue Pelland of Sue Pelland Designs did the tree in the far corner, “Planes, Trains and Automobiles”.

The mugs I decorated are purchased wooden ornaments. I used fusible to adhere Christmas fabric and “cocoa foam” to the ornament shape. It was a quick easy project that made adorable decorations. Remember right handed and left handed mugs. See them below in Christmas plaid fabric. I even turned the traced fusible shapes in different directions to add variety to the plaids! FUN! No sewing involved, just ironed onto the wood!

#1 – When drawing of paper backed fusible, be sure to reverse your image since you need the fusible to be on the wrong side of the fabric.

#2 – Turn the pieces in different angles for a variety in the plaid design!

Bonus – Be sure to leave a little space around the outside of the drawn lines. This ensures the edge is crisp when cut and has fusible all the way to the cut edge.

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