Two Tip Tuesday – Hello Branson and Remix

My booth for AQS Quilt Week in Branson is set up and ready to go! The show opens tomorrow. I’ll post photos in a couple days. I’m booth #1105. I hope you’ll stop by if you are at the show.

I love visiting with customers about the patterns they have made. Take a look at this very LARGE Tool Box Quilt! I love the brights! Wow oh wow! Well done Sue T. from Iverness, FL!!! Sue stopped by my booth in Daytona Beach and so glad she shared the photo with me. Do you have a quilt you have made with one of my patterns or tools? Please share!!

Sue T’s Tool Box Quilt!!

I’m still working on my blocks for the Rocky Road to California Remix Challenge. I’ll put a picture of one of the blocks. The differences so far… A turn of the center four patch and a change of color placement for the corner four patch. I’m keeping some of this very simple. If you get a chance go look at some of the other designers, WOW, there are some amazing Remix-ing going on! Look on my Instagram post for the designers who took the challenge or check out #rockyroadtocaliforniablockchallenge.

I love a good swirl of the center seams to keep the block laying flatter where the seams come together!

I’m loving the dark background. It is actually a very quick easy block to make. I’ll show more blocks and how it will come together in a quilt next week (or maybe the following week with all the show happenings this week) Don’t be afraid to let the plaids fall where they may. It will be fun the see this all come together.

#1 – change things up….try a dark background.

#2 – As shown above, try giving the center seam a swirl to get a flatter center to the block where several seams come together.

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