Two Tip Tuesday – Paper piecing

The May Designer Block Challenge Remix is the Arkansas Snowflake Block. My fabric pull and design has nothing to do with snowflakes or Arkansas for that matter. However, I’m looking at it as to after the snow and what blooms in Spring! I have not gotten very creative with remixing the block but I have added some bits to the corner. A bit of a trellis look….that Springtime idea!

I love working with my 30’s reproduction fabrics. The freshness of the colors say Spring to me. the first couple photos below are my fabric pull and now I’m on to week 2 and 3 with the Sneak Peeks.

I decided to paper piece this block. I’ve never been a huge fan of paper piecing but it lent itself to making some really nice points of the Arkansas Snowflake Block. First all pieces need to be oversized. You can see by my first corner block that I did not get it oversized enough (shown above with the green diagonal corner block). I’m within and 1/8″ of the outside edge, so I’m going with it.

I do like to use these nice card stock flyers as part of my paper piecing tools. It works well with my Add-a-quarter tool! This flyer just happens to be the AQS Quilt Week for Grand Rapids in August, where I will be vending and teaching (I told you about this last week!)

My progress this far with the block is a bit further than these photos, but I’ll wait for the Reveal next week to show my finished idea!

Paper piecing fabric pieces MUST be oversized! No reason to cut smaller to save fabric, you’ll only have to take it out and resew….a waist of time and a bit frustrating. #1 – OVERSIZE those pieces!

Also when trimming up to add the next pieces, use card stock to fold back the paper. A nice slick flyer is a great asset! #2 – Use card stock to help in trimming up for the next steps in paper piecing. An Add-a-quarter is also a great addition!

Do you get great points when paper piecing….absolutely. Is it my favorite method, not so much. There is also all the paper to remove once the block is finished. But, I’m going with….love those points! And a reason to paper piece.

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