Two Tip Tuesday – Packing quilts

I almost made Tuesday here in MA, so it is still Tuesday somewhere else in the world! I’m busy packing and getting ready for my trip to Dallas that I told you about last week. Countdown! I thought I’d give some of my tips when I pack my quilts.

First is to fold them right side out….YES! You read that correctly. Why? Well if the quilt will get any creases from the folds they will show up on the back of the quilt rather than the front. The curve of the fold on the right side of the quilt will help keep the crease from forming.

And to pack them in my suitcase, fold them as little as possible and as big as possible so they fit the entire size of the bag. I learned this trick from my dear friend Patricia Cox, when helping her in Houston many years ago. It is a great way to keep the quilts as flat as possible and fewer folds! (Sorry for the blur, my camera has a hard time focusing on small dots of Hexie Flower Garden. And I may have moved on the Done by Three photo, oops!)

Back to folding quilts and weighing bags….

I look forward to being at the Quilter’s Guild of Dallas!

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