Two Tip Tuesday – another Remix

August has brought another Designer Block Remix. We will be exploring the Shoo Fly Block. I will put it below. I have use this simple block several times. My Shoo Fly Picnic Quilt is a great, easy, fun quilt to make. This pattern even has a drop cloth bag to carry the quilt to a picnic! You can find my Shoo Fly Picnic quilt pattern HERE.

I’m looking forward to playing with this block and remixing it! Yesterday was the fabric pull. I choose some Sew Batik dots I’ve been saving for the perfect project….I think I found it. <grin>

Now to decide what background fabric to use with these wonderful dots. The progress will continue each Monday. Aug. 8th was the fabric pull, Aug. 15th is Sneak Peek 1, Aug. 22nd is Sneak Peek 2, Aug. 29th is the reveal.

Choosing a background fabric…should it be dark or light? Well, most of the time it is a personal preference. Sometimes, one is better than the other. I will probably head in the light direction for this project. A couple things to evaluate…and good tips…

1- Will the focus fabrics stand on their own on a dark background? What about a light background?

2 – What about a completely different color? There was a saying a number of years ago. Lime was the new neutral. Hmmmm, maybe I’ll choose a bold color.

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