Two Tip Tuesday – on Wednesday – “Just One Stitch”

I have been working on more samples of Sashiko stitching in the Boro style, adding fabrics to a background. I will be giving a lecture on this and other “one stitch” techniques at the Original Quilting and Sewing Expo in Lakeland, FL in March. JUST ONE STITCH

The closeup of the sample below is showing how concentric circles can fill up a space and give a lot of movement in design.

Just One Stitch ~ Debbie Wendt

I am a fan of the CLOVER White Marking pen. As you can see my pen is almost out! I had to be creative in getting the last bit out of the pen to mark my circles.

The marking lines come out with the touch of an iron. Now you see it….now you don’t!!

Check out my Just One Stitch lecture and the other lecture and classes I will be teaching in Lakeland! Lecture: Bindings: A World of Options. Classes: Piecing is the Cornerstone and my brand new class using Hex-a-ma-jig called Oooh Hexie Baby!

#1 – Try using a white marking pen that is removed by an iron or water. Understand that you need to make the mark and then it takes a few seconds to appear.

#2 – The quick touch of an iron and the marks disappear! I like this for light and dark fabrics.

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