Two Tip Tuesday- Challenge and Cuddle

The challenge reveal at Thimble Pleasures was fun! And who didn’t take photos…oops! So, I’ll put the before sewn photo of my challenge piece below. The center FQ was the challenge piece. One of our members, Mary Thurlow, did a lecture/trunk showing some of her pieces she has dyed. As a hands on, we each got a FQ and got to spin, fold, scrunch the FQ as we liked. In the tie dye class she taught, we chose the colors to use and her sister, Betsy did the coloring. I LOVE how mine turned out. Instead of adding a bunch of “other” fabrics, I use some I dyed in the class. I tried a bunch of different folding techniques, similar to Shibori and other ideas of clamping. I’m really happy with how my “quilt” came out. I made the quilt in the style of Kantha, a technique used in India of layering old saris into a quilt. My “in the style of Kantha” is three layers of cotton fabric. Much heavier than saris. Instead of hand sewing with a cotton thread, I use 12 wt cotton in a variety of colors. I showed some of the stitching lines last week. I’m thrilled I got third place in the challenge.

Are any of you sewing last minute gifts? I was NOT going to sew anything this year….b…u…t… I saw this adorable Santa’s Belt pattern by Laura at Slice of Pi and had to put my spin on it. I used Cuddle fabric by Shannon Fabrics. I have given tips about working with Cuddle when making my Snuggle Tails – Cuddle versions of Cuddle Mermaid and Cuddle Orca patterns. This time I tried a new tip of using a straight blade and cutting from the back of the Cuddle. Oh, so easy and much less shedding of the fibers!! Santa’s black belt is made of cork! It is very easy to work with. I love that you don’t have to finish the edges of the cork. And the pillow back…I used the selvage edge on the pillow flap so I did not have to finish that edge as well. Some short cuts but it is done!

The pictures below are 3 TIPS for working on the red Cuddle

1 – Mark with a pen on the back the line to cut. (left pic)

2 – Use a straight edge blade to cut from the back on the line. (This blade was all I had to work with, I recommend a blade that has a holder! Believe me, I was very careful when cutting) (center pic)

3 – Look! Hardly any extra fibers. I still brushed the edges and shook the fabric piece outside to remove any cut fibers. (right pic)

With a HO HO HO, I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas! Plus a wonderful festival of lights for a Happy Hanukkah! I’ll be writing again before the New Year! Peace, Joy and SAFE travels!

in quilting,


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