Two Tip Tuesday – Feelin’ the Love

Happy Valentine’s Day to those still celebrating in your time zone. Belated love if Valentine’s Day has passed your time zone. That would be here in MA. Better late than never! I spent a long weekend on the Cape at my Quilt Guild Getaway. I love this time with my quilt friends. Time to sew, eat, sew, talk, sew… get the idea! PLUS a huge shout out to my KC peeps, family and CHIEFS fans — A great Super Bowl WIN for my hometown. I’m so proud of the determination to never give in!!! I watched the game at the hotel restaurant where we had the Getaway, Sea Crest Beach Hotel. They let us rearrange tables so we could watch the game. We even stood for the National Anthem!

Thanks to Margaret and Cathy for watching with me until the WINNING end of the game! I wore RED the entire weekend and continued the red right through Valentine’s Day.

This was me announcing our Getaway activities and showing off my red CHIEFS attire!

When I got home from the Getaway my latest AQ (American Quilter) magazine was waiting for me. I’m excited to share that my Hexie Speak – Say it with Hexies book is featured in Fabulous Finds! Take a look on page 18!!

As I said in the title, I’m feeling the love!

#1 – Bring Chocolate and snacks to a Getaway. (I think this one has been mentioned before!)

#2 – Drink plenty of water, hotel air is dry. We ran my diffuser with water only! No perfumes or oils just in case someone has a sensitivity to them.

Not really a tip but it happens…..Sew, sew, sew….you can sleep when you get home! Wink!

If you are in the Daytona Beach area, I hope to see you at the show next week. There are still a couple spots in my classes, Done by Three and Hexie Flower Garden and my lecture Bindings: A World of Options. Class registration is still open at AQS Quilt Week HERE.

Don’t forget to check out the Monthly Color Challenge at Patterns by Jen (PBJ). This month is Aqua. Check out her blog for all the details. Classic Cars Color Challenge.

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