Two Tip Tuesday – Next up…Lakeland, FL and baby quilts

March came in like a lamb, but busy happenings here at Wendt Quilting! As the title says, next up (as in next quilt show) is Original Quilt & Sewing Expo in Lakeland, FL. I’ll be teaching 2 classes and 2 lectures. I know there are some spots left in each. I hope you help with filling up my schedule and take a class or take a break and listen to a lecture!!

My very newest lecture Just One Stitch will have its show debut on Saturday, March 18th from 12:30-1:30. I’ll be sharing how…“A simple running stitch is used in many countries around our world. The Big Stitch, Kawandi, Kantha and Sashiko/Boro are among those stitches. The basics of the stitch are the same but executed differently to create their own unique style. Join Debbie as she shares samples and stories that will bring these simple yet beautiful stitches to life.” Examples below!

Look for all my classes on the OSQE website. You will find them under class descriptions.

I just got back from our Granddaughter’s baby shower. I’m going to be a Great Gr’ma!!! Aka – G.G. Debbie!! I made….what else….a quilt! It is flannel and I’m happy the parents-to-be like it! Awaiting the arrival of baby Leo in just a couple weeks.

ALSO, I’m going to be a Great Aunt! I sent….you guessed it….a quilt! My niece and her husband love the great outdoors. This quilt is flannel and it was fun to make something “baby” for the arrival of their “little buck”.

Notice how I used the gray and white check as the binding. It was cut on the bias! A great tip (#1) for using a fabric from the quilt. I did not want a dark binding. I wanted to keep the edge light and give it a “soft” look!

I often suggest to you press seams open when making a flannel quilt….and always pre-wash flannel! (2 tips for #2) Both quilts got washed after they were bound. I have a tendency to be heavy handed when I machine sew a binding. By washing it [after the photo 😉 ] it gave the binding edge a softer finish and shrunk up the wave I created. I promise it looked better! And a little bonus….call your quilts for babies FLOOR QUILTS, they will use them!!!

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