Traveling the Quilt World

Greeting from middle England, a favorite spot enjoying quilting friends and countryside.  Today I’m miles from home.   I’ve made the trip to England so I can attend the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham.  The most important part of the trip is to visit friends!  AND see the Egyptian Tentmaker’s Display at the show.

I love the conservation of old buildings, so it is a treat to be at the Old School House, built in 1830 but the rest is even older and where “my” room is, built in 1640.

A treat of Egyptian Tentmaker’s Applique was at the foot of my bed as Barbara and I share a love of Egypt and Tentmakers.

A special exhibit of The Tentmaker’s of Old Cairo was a huge success at the show.  It made me smile to watch the show go-ers pack into the exhibit.  There were two tentmakers working on their beautiful applique work.  It was good to see them as we recognized each other from my days of living and shopping in Cairo.   The first photo below is of Tarek busy on a Red Sea piece and the second is Hosam working on a traditional piece.

I’ll be sad to go home, but duty calls and in a few days you will find me teaching and exhibiting at the Rocky Mountain Quilt Festival.

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1 Response to Traveling the Quilt World

  1. Barbara says:

    good to see you here in blogland! Tentmakers exhibit was wonderful, hope we get to see them again.

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