Jelly Roll 1600 Workshop

Last year I found a video associated with the Heirloom Creations’ Blog about this FAST, FUN Quilt. They actually had jelly roll races to see who could finish the quilt first. It is a great concept and a very quick method of getting a quilt done fast! A friend, Diane, and I used their technique for our guild’s workshop on Jan. 7th. With 12 participants we had 8 completely finish their quilt tops in the workshop. The only reason the others didn’t finish was due to late starts, early to leave and a need to iron each seam.

I have made three so far and have two more cut and ready to stitch!

The quilt on the left is Diane’s made from a Bali Pop.  The other two are mine.  The Red, White and Black on the right is from a Tiki Roll sold by SewBatik.  The middle quilt is from a jelly roll I purchesed over the holidays. To change things up I used straight seams instead of the usual diagonal as per original instructions. I think both methods are great and some fabrics lend themselves to a straight seam.

Below are the photos of the beginning piles of strips to their finished quits.  For fun we took Sylvia’s beginning strip across the room to see how long it really was, the length of the basketball court and back again!!  (A bit blurry, as it was a quick shot trying to keep it off the floor.)

June was the first one done!

Vivian’s looked like a sunset!

 Nancy and several others chose to keep an accordian stack of the strip for the first LONG seam.

Jane loves reproduction fabrics.  We love the look and it shows how any personality of fabric works!

Sue’s Red/White/Blue is wonderful!

Edna got a wonderful surprise with how her brights really came together!

Carol G’s brights are beautiful!

And Carol V’s gradated strips gave an amazing effect, without any pre-planning!

Margaret added borders after she got home, in time for show and tell at our meeting!  (exact same Tiki roll as mine shown in the beginning, she kept the order of the roll with repeat strips together)

We are looking forward to seeing how Bea, Sylvia and Helen’s come together!

You can find instructions on Heirloom Creations’ Blog or my version HERE!
Enjoy and get strippin’!

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1 Response to Jelly Roll 1600 Workshop

  1. Barbara says:

    We’re bursting to give this a try! All the tops look really great, well done to all.

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