Two Tip Tuesday

Welcome back!  I’m excited and invite you to join me on a new segment on my blog.  As the title says, I will share TWO TIPS every Tuesday.   It will be a quick look into what I’ve used, collected and shared in my quilting journey.   I look forward to seeing you every Tuesday.

My all time favorite tip comes from my dad.  He is an engineer and taught my sister and brother and I how to work with wood, hammer, nails and the lot!  In helping build the family lake cabin (really a HOUSE!), we all spent hours carrying wood, hammering nails, spotting cuts, holding boards in place…you get the idea!  The advice is….Measure twice, cut once!  As his story goes, I cut it… and cut it again… and it is still too short!

#1 – Pre plan before cutting.  This gets the most from your fabric and saves mis-cuts.

#2 – Before making a cut, tap the edge of your ruler with your rotary blade to be sure you are not on top of it.  Saves taking a chunk out of the edge!

Debbie ~ Wendt Quilting

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1 Response to Two Tip Tuesday

  1. Elisa CZT says:

    I love love LOVE the tip to tap the rotary blade against the ruler. Such a simple idea but totally helps!

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