Two Tip Tuesday

Wow! That week went fast. Thanks for stopping by for another TWO TIP TUESDAY! This week I want to share a bit about piecing. For me, there are things I automatically do when piecing that I don’t even think about anymore. How to line up fabric is one of those.

#1 I place my pieces one on top of the other so I can see just a peek of the underneath edge. The left photo below show an over exaggeration of seeing the bottom fabric. The right photo is how I actually sew it.








You may ask why…many times I have have seen seams that have not gotten caught. I longarm quilt for customers and this happens a lot on long border seams. By double checking when you sew, you know both layers are caught in the seam line!

Next, I’ll continue with sewing seams. This time sewing a triangle to a straight edge.

#2 Draw your 1/4″ seam line on the wrong side of your fabric before you sew. This allows you to see exactly where the seam line needs to cross the underneath piece. I call this the inside corner point.  By making sure the line is at the “corner”, the pieces will have a smooth transition.









~ Debbie


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