TWO TIP Tuesday

We are in the middle of a snow storm!  And I LOVE snow!  I took some before pictures to compare.  It is still coming down so I’m sure we will get the 24″-30″ predicted.















A tip to measure snow is to use your rulers.

With the drifting, my 24″ ruler will be useless!

…Back to focusing on quilting.  Do you per wash your fabrics?  I usually do.  Especially if there are any that I think will run.  I’ve got a stack of washed fabric.  The reason I’m showing you is to see the difference in wrinkles between the ones I pulled out of the dryer before they were completely dry (green) and the other (white) was left in until dry.  LESS wrinkles if taken out while slightly damp!   In taking that one step further…

#1 – Take fabric out of dryer while slightly damp and iron dry!  The moisture helps remove the wrinkles and it makes for a crisp feeling fabric (great “hand” for cutting).

This also reduces the time it takes to get rid of the wrinkles.  When ironing be sure NOT to press any wrinkles back into the fabric.  Those wrinkles never seem to iron back out unless you use loads of steam or spray starch.

Yes, I am also a fan of spray starch!  Thanks to my friend Barbara who introduced me to the powers of spray starch!  The reason I like it so well is how it makes fabric behave when cutting and sewing pieces together.  I use the “old fashion” spray starch in a can and also “Best Press”.  I’m a fan of the citrus “Best Press”.  I don’t like the flowery scents (and neither does my head, headaches!).  Be careful not to stretch the fabrics out of shape while damp with the spray.

#2 – Use spray starch or “Best Press”!

On a cautious note:  I don’t use spray starch on anything that will not be washed.  It has been said that it can attract bugs, like silver fish.  I also do not use it on fabrics that will sit in my stash.  Spray what you are working with.

Spray starch is also great for appliqué.  If turning appliqué over a heat resistant template, dampen edges for a crisp, smooth turned edge!

Have a great sewing day, no matter what the weather is outside!

Debbie.  ~ Wendt Quilting

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3 Responses to TWO TIP Tuesday

  1. lgquilts says:

    Hi Deb! My yard in Northbridge looks like yours! Thanks for today’s tips. I hardly ever prewash, but I did try it on a stack of half yard cuts last night. Even though I trimmed small triangles off the corners, there was still lots of fraying and tangling! Should I have also used my pinked edge rotary cutter along the WOF? Any tips for the next time? I did remove them from the dryer while they were still damp and they pressed beautifully!

  2. Barbara says:

    no snow over here! Have found some wonderful colour catchers in Spain (!) and have not yet found a substitute for Niagara spraystarch. keep warm!

  3. mumbird3 says:

    Hope you are staying warm! No snow here (Alabama VBG)! If you find that you have silverfish and don’t want to wash – freeze in a plastic bag, thaw without the plastic bag then air fluff in the dryer after it thaws. Also works on old books (do not put in dryer ) that get silverfish. I freeze then take them out of the plastic and let them thaw with the pages fanned out (if you have dryrite you can put that in with the book to remove moisture while in the freezer). Also a way to get rid of lice on children’s stuffed toys is to freeze them (don’t ask me how I know this…..)

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