Two Tip Tuesday

Running late today…MORE snow here in Massachusetts!  After a broken snow blower, a good neighbor plowing the drive and now a fixed snow blower, it is Tuesday evening and well past time.  But I promised tips and so you shall have them!

In our snow blower saga, we have learned to keep spare parts on hand.  It paid off today as we had exactly the parts we needed.  How does this relate to quilting?  Well, how about keeping spare parts?  Since most of us don’t service our own machines anymore, do you have spare parts on hand?  I have parts for my Singer featherweights but not my Janome.  When it went down, I took it to a local service repairman, Anthony, that works out of his home.  He fixed it, but I was without my machine for several weeks.  My featherweights, I fix myself!  So in this, my tip…

#1 – Find a dependable sewing machine service person.

I do basic maintenance on all my machines.  Do you know how much lint can collect in your bobbin area?  A bunch!  Threads and fabric both have fibers that cause lint.

#2 – Check out your bobbin area and clear out the lint.

Sewing machine manuals have information on maintenance you can do yourself.  Also, be sure to check warranties.

Debbie ~ Wendt Quilting

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1 Response to Two Tip Tuesday

  1. Barbara says:

    have been thinking about you during all the newscasts about the snow. Yay for spare parts!

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