Two Tip Tuesday

In looking back thru all the tips, I know I’ve talked about taking classes.  I realized I haven’t told you about classes I teach.  I’m teaching in Paducah for AQS Week,  April 22-25!



I bring this up now to encourage you to register soon as many classes are already full.  Three ofmine are FULL!  Twirl-A-Tool still has a few spots left, so if you’ve wanted to take a class with me, don’t delay in registering.  I’m also presenting at both All-Star Reciews.   I will have a booth in the Pavillion again this year, Booth #4403.  Be sure to stop by as I’ll be demo-ing Brilliant Bindings when I’m not teaching a class.  I now offer 10 patterns that use Brilliant Bindings as a template to make those patterns!  Brilliant Bindings is double duty and more!

The weekend before last, I attended one of my guild’s getaway weekend!  We were on Cape Cod, loving known as “The Cape” in New England.  With 50+ mile an hour winds and many inches of snow, it was nice to be inside with humming machines and a room full of creative women!  We watched the bay go from icey edges to a layer of of ice for many yards out.  What an amazing sight!

Beach at bottom edge.  Ice out to lighthouse!

Beach at bottom edge. Ice out to lighthouse!

At the getaway I was cutting many, many strips for a project.  Do you have a method for speeding up the process?  Instead of cutting one strip at a time and removing it and then cutting the next, try cutting several before removing.  I straighten one edge and then move my ruler to the furthest measurement I can cut.  3 x 2 1/2″ = 7 1/2″. I move my ruler to 7 1/2″, make a cut, move to 5″, cut and finally to 2 1/2″ and cut.  This helps me save time with fewer movements.  I’ve shown this in the photos below.  Notice the cut line.  It is very faint as I leave it in place until I’ve made all three cuts.

Cut at 7 1/2"

Cut at 7 1/2″

Cut at 5"

Cut at 5″

Cut at 2 1/2"

Cut at 2 1/2″









#1 – find time saving methods to speed up your cutting process.

With cutting a lot of strips, I want to be sure my blade is sharp!  When changing a blade, remove parts in order.  This will ensure you put it back together in the correct order!

#2 – keep rotary cutter parts in ORDER!


May all your cuts be straight with a sharp cutter!

~ Debbie



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4 Responses to Two Tip Tuesday

  1. Barbara says:

    Great news re. full classes for you! Could you be persuaded onto Instagram as well do you think? Did not feel envious of the snowy view!

  2. mumbird3 says:

    Did I miss yesterday’s tip? 🙂

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