Two Tip Tuesday

I have 20 minutes left of this wonderful day, just enough time to get a couple tips posted! It is my birthday and I’ve been playing all day!
So, what happens when you have some amazing fabric, but not quite enough to make it the size you want? How about extra borders? That is exactly what I did with my latest creation. It is going to be a new pattern, but here is a sneak peek…


Who said all sides have to be the same?  Not I!

tip #1 –  Add extra borders where you need them!  Sometimes the top and bottom get an extra border or two!

I personally think you get more creative quilts when you have to improvise!  I’ll show the rest of the quilt next month.  Be sure to check back to see the entire quilt.

….and how about the backing?  Do you use one solid piece or a variety of fabrics?

I’ve always liked pieced backs.  I have started using as much of my “good” front of the quilt fabric leftovers for the back.  Don’t put it back in your stash for another day.  Use it up!  Then….

tip #2 – use up your fabric, so you can go buy MORE fabric!

happy day

in quilting,

Debbie. ~  Wendt Quilting

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  1. lgquilts says:

    Happy Birthday!!

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