Two Tip Tuesday

The quilt I posted last week is almost done!   Picking thread is part of the finishing process.  So is choosing the quilting design.  There are many considerations.  Do you want the quilting and thread to be the focus of the quilt or blend?  The picture below is how I audition threads.  Lay them over the fabrics to help make the decision.


#1 -Pick the color based on what you want for the quilt, focus or blend?

yellow – stands out

pink – blends on some colors

blue – blends over most colors




Now, for the quilting.  The quilt I’m working on is a sample and cover quilt for a new pattern.  It does not need heirloom quilting.  It needs quilting to keep it together, be pleasing, and highlight the piecing.  The quilt is about the piecing, not the quilting.  Every quilt has different questions/parameters to consider!

#2 – Choose quilting designs based on your choice of highlighting your piecing or the quilting.

My absolute favorite book when it comes to quilting a quilt is “Quilt It” by Barbara Chainey.  It is out of print, but if you can find it, get it!

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Debbie ~  Wendt Quilting

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