Two Tip Tuesday

Today I celebrate!  I gave a commitment to this blog, and I have reached just past  the half year mark!  I missed a few week’s posts along the way, but for the most part I posted!  It might seem like a little thing, but for me it is huge!  Thank you for following me this far!  I am inspired to keep up and bring you more tips for the second half.

and speaking of halves…how about those Royals!  We are nearing the All-Star game and that is considered the halfway point of the season.  I know many of you have your hometown favorites and mine is the Kansas City Royals.  Living in New England, I enjoy following the Red Sox and with a husband from Chicago; the Cubs have been the constant.  Notice with all these teams you don’t have to always win to be loved!!!  I’ve had the good fortune to attend many of the Royals games when I am in KC, my hometown.  (Thanks Mom and Dad!). The excitement at “the K” is fantastic.  I had a blast sitting next to my dad on Father’s Day enjoying the game.  We got a little wet (while my mom escaped to the mezanine for shelter.  It was a miserable loss to the Red Sox but a great day none the less.

My dad and me!

My dad and me!

...and then it rained.

…and then it rained.









Why bring up sports on a mainly quilting blog?  Well, how about looking at teams for color choices of a quilt?  Take my favorites…

the Royals. ~. Royal blue, white, and a bit of powder blue mixed in.

the Cubs. ~. Royal blue, red and white.

the Sox (RED Sox, that is). ~. Red and white.

Each of these are great color combinations and a great starting points.

#1 – Use sports team colors in a quilt.


#2 – Let nature inspire your color combinations.

image image image








the Monarda have exploded into bloom this last week.  Good timing for 4th of July celebrations!  And hummingbird attractions.  The rose is full bloom and shows the great color variation in the petals.


in quilting,



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2 Responses to Two Tip Tuesday

  1. Linda Locwin says:

    Debbie, what beautiful flower pictures. The colors are so appropo for a quilt. What lovely inspiration.

  2. Susan says:

    Loved the blog. Baseball and flowers….great combination for a summer quilt making project. The added pictures was great, also.

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