Two Tip Tuesday

Today’s tips are coming to you from Syracuse, NY!  I spent the day setting up my booth for the AQS Quilt Week.  The show opens tomorrow and runs thru Saturday.  Come on by booth 713!  I’ll be demo-ing Brilliant Bindings and have several of my new Snuggle Tails on display!

I’m going to follow up on my hand quilted challenge from last week.  I talked about keeping those hand quilting stitches even, but what about starting a new line of stitching?  Do you know about popping the knot?   When I first learned to hand quilt (many moons ago), I thought this was a silly term.  But, you can literally hear the knot pop into the fabric if you listen for it.

Thread your needle, I use about an 18″ length of quilting thread.  Tie a knot at one end.  If making a quilter’s knot, I wrap about 2-3 times around the needle.  You don’t want the knot too large.  I put the needle in the top, keeping the needle running between the layers of the quilt sandwich, and exit the fabric where you want to begin your line of quilting.  Pop the knot and quilt.  The images below will show ending the line of stitching and popping the knot at the end.

Look just above my finger and you can see the knot at the seam line.



If you give a slight tug on the needle thread that knot will pop in between the layers!

#1 – If having trouble popping the knot, lift up on the quilt top layer with your needle.  It helps the knot pop easier.


Photo below is the knot almost popped between the layers.









Now, how about the rocking stitch?  I found when I first started quilting that I had my fabric too tight in the frame.  It needs some give so you can work the fabric.


#2 – Find a thimble you like!  My personal favorite is a flat top thimble.

Wear your thimble around to get comfortable with it!

in quilting,

Debbie    ~ Wendt Quilting


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