Two Tip Tuesday

Late, on the road, traveling tips.  I spent the last two days with the Ocean Waves Quilt Guild in Lewes, Delaware.  What a wonderful group!  Thank you ladies and gentleman for a great turnout for my lecture/trunk show!  And the class….super!  I can’t wait to see all the finished Diamond Tipped Tools quilts and table runners!

A peek at a few are below.  I love all the variety in fabrics!!

Diamond Tipped Tools

Diamond Tipped Tools

I ask them for some tips…and I HAD to use them!  Can you say FUN group?!?

#1 – If you drink wine while you quilt, be sure it is white.  Red makes an aweful mess on the fabric.

#2 – If you plan to quilt, don’t have more than ONE glass of wine.





Diamond Tipped Tools

Diamond Tipped Tools

Diamond Tipped Tools

Diamond Tipped Tools


These ladies made me smile all day!  Thanks to each of them!  Especially to my host, Barbara and program chair, Mary and workshop chair, Ellie!

in quilting,

Debbie  ~ Wendt Quilting

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2 Responses to Two Tip Tuesday

  1. Priscilla says:

    I can say from experience that tip number one is a good one. Remember that cold February day on Cape Cod, Debbie?

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