Two Tip Tuesday

My Midwest family and friends have been back to school for a while now but here in New England, things are now in high gear for starting school.  Know what that means?  SCHOOL SUPPLIES!!!  I love school supplies!  As a former middle/high school teacher, there was/is excitement for me in buying new supplies.  I still LOVE perusing (I love the word, like browsing but better!) all the supplies.  My mind goes in overdrive trying to think of a reason that I just HAVE to buy the stuff!  So, if you need an excuse…see below.  My tips today are on how some of those school supplies can be used as your quilt treasures.  (I also love kitchen wares and fishing finds…one of which I showed early on in tips.)

for your rotary cutters…


#1- Pencil case is a good way to travel with a rotary cutter.







And the best composition books have the graph paper pages!  Great for designing blocks, quilts and figuring yardage.  Also very useful in griding quilting designs.

#2- Use graph paper composition books for designing.

Design notes. DW

Design notes. DW










My friend, Becky, covered mine in this awesome paper.  And look, she even included a handy chart for bed and batting sizes!  I am never without graph paper for those design inspiration moments.

How about school glue?  Great for “basting” bindings and is washable!  Glue sticks?  For appliqué.

Or white chalk?  For drawing quilting designs (always test first).

Post it notes?  For labeling blocks and rows.

And those mechanical pencils?  Can never have enough of those!






And some other great storage containers.

Longaberger basket with relish tray insert.  (Could also use silverware tray).

Food storage containers for pens, pencils and small projects.

Small fishing tackle box for my mini hexies.


Have FUN shopping while you can get some great deals on school supplies!

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1 Response to Two Tip Tuesday

  1. Elisa CZT says:

    That was wayyyyy more than two great tips today! Love your Tuesday blogs!

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