Two Tip Tuesday

I’m looking at being on time today!  My mind is swirling ahead to my next shows and new patterns for Fall Market.  I’ll be vending at the last two shows of the year for AQS, Chattanooga, TN and Des Moines, IA.  Be sure to check out the free demos in the Learning Center.  I’ll be giving a demo at each show.  There was standing room only last year!  So take a break (and a seat!) during the show and catch me on stage!  Bindings will be the topic!  Of course, I’ll continue to have my Brilliant Bindings demo in my booth (#207 in Chattanooga -new location from last year and #825 in Des Moines).  Then the final two shows are in Houston.  Quilt Market, open only to credentialed attendees and International Quilt Festival, open to all!

I want to continue the discussion today on bindings.  One of the questions I get asked is keeping the binding width the same on the front and back of the quilt.  Does it have to be?  My answer is NO, but you DO want each side to be even with itself.  You want your binding to be FULL with the seam allowance “filling up the binding”.  No gaps of empty space!

#1- Fill up your binding!

A “full” binding will wear better over years of use.  The binding on the left below is not full.  It shows more wear then a binding of the same age (and washings)….second photo on right below.

Wear "line" on binding from not being full.

Wear “line” on binding from not being full.

Full binding

Full binding










#2 – even if your binding is a different width on the front, than the back, keep it consistent on each side!

The quilt below shows a skinnier width on the front than on the back.

Binding widths different on front and back.

Binding widths different on front and back.









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