Two Tip Tuesday

I was looking back through a stack of magazines and found one I forgot to tell you about….Modern Quilts Unlimited.  I want to share page 10 of the Summer edition.



YES, that is my pattern!  iPad Pyramid Pillow.

“Great for relaxing on the sofa or for viewing from a table top, the iPad Pyramid Pillow from Wendt Quilting will keep your tablet secure in the right position for viewing. …”

Thank you Carol Zentgraf, Editor!

You can purchase the pattern on my website ( ).

While I was in Kansas City a couple weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend a bed turning of quilts some dating back 150 years!  I absolutely LOVE old quilts; the look, the feel, the yummy variety of older fabrics!  There is nothing quite like them.









One of the points of the talk was how to care for old quilts.  Did you know a cedar chest is NOT recommended.

#1 – The best way to store old quilts is in a plain cotton pillow case.

#2 – Keep fabrics away from stained wood, especially if it is not sealed.

#3 – Use buttermilk in the water bath to help remove stains.

I’ve also heard to use lemon juice.  The acidity helps to “bleach” dingy fabrics.  ALWAYS, test first as you do not want to further damage the fabric.

The bindings showed much love and wear.  But, one binding stood out to me.  Look at those small stitches and nice curved corner!  image image

And the join….yep, you can see where they joined the ends.  As you know, one of my passions is bindings.   Even though it is “jumpy”, the amazing detail makes me smile!

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