Two Tip Tuesday

Recap and rejuvenate!  After spending two weeks in Houston for Quilt Market and International Quilt Festival, I spent part of the day watching the World Series Championship celebration for my hometown Kansas City Royals.  Yes, I was in KC but opted to watch it on TV in stead of fighting the traffic.  The sea of BLUE was incredible!

KC Royals fans in front of Union Station! TV screen shot.

KC Royals fans in front of Union Station! TV screen shot.









And my favorite player…Salvy!

MVP! Salvador Perez #13

MVP! Salvador Perez #13

So, what does baseball have to do with quilting…well, I’m sure I can think of something!  …How about a tip I have given before, use team colors to choose fabric combinations for a quilt.




While in Houston, I finished up a binding on a quilt that was long over due to my cousin’s grandson.  In giving the quilt I realized I forgot the label .  Oops!  One of the things I remind people to do.

#1 – Label your quilts!

Labels don’t have to be fancy, just the basics will do.  What should be on a label is your choice.  I recommend

  • who the quilt was made for
  • what occasion if appropriate
  • where was it made
  • and by whom
  • A date also helps

The labels below are from two of my quilts.  I have since renamed the quilt’s patterns.  But, at least I have the information!

Label from "Brilliant Swirl"

Label from “Brilliant Swirl” Love the pink label shape!

Label from "Brilliant Charms"

Label from “Brilliant Charms”













And the second thing I forgot to take photos!  So …. tip #2 – photo you work and quilts.

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  1. Elisa CZT says:

    Another great blog post!! Thanks!

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