Two Tip Tuesday

How can it be Tuesday already?  I almost missed posting.  So, I will keep this one short and sweet.

I spent the day ironing fabric and planning a quilt.  This quilt is based on a nine patch.  The first photo is getting ready to trim off the selvages from a strip set.  One of the keys to to keeping everything straight is making straight cuts.  There are a couple key places I make sure are straight….One – align a line on your ruler with the seam line and two – make sure you are also straight on the edge of the strip.  If one is not aligned and straight, double check your seams!










#1 – I prefer to align a ruler with the seam lines, it will keep the piecing straighter.

I did some seam pressing, too.  The photo shows how I make sure I don’t get any tucks in the seam.  Hold the fabric you are pressing to up and push with the tip of the iron toward that fabric.  I always press from the right side of the fabric.  This also helps to avoid tucks in the seam line.


#2 – Press seams from the right side, it will help avoid tucks!

Now to sew a bunch more seams!  A report on the finished quilt later this month.

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