Two Tip Tuesday

Wow!  This year flew for me!  How about you?  I spent some time this morning going back through all my photos on my phone.  I need to transfer them so I have room to start the new year.  I felt this post is a good place to reflect on the year and all the fun I had!

Do you remember the giveaway on one of the first Two Tip Tuesdays?  Well, the quilt in the kit has been finished!  A local quilter won it and gifted it to a mutual quilter friend.  Her version is below!  I am so happy to see this sweet quilt finished!!!


I want to publicly thank the man who helps behind the scene, my hubby!


Vacation to Cooperstown, NY

and my mom!   She is my booth sitter, travel mate and super supporter!


It has been fun

Trying to get the best cover photo…


and playing at shows…

but seeing my products in Nancy’s Notions and teaching for AQS in Albuquerque, Paducah and Grand Rapids were some of the biggest thrills this year!










Thanks for following along and I look forward to seeing you in the New Year!  Be sure to check out  Block Stock by Stitchin’ Tree.  It will be fun to make purchases and collect blocks!





A look at the last quilt I made this year…

Brilliant Twin Darts

Brilliant Twin Darts

One of the cover quilts from “Brilliant Twin Darts”, now available on my website.

Tip #1 – Choose fabrics you LOVE!   (Life is too short to work on projects you do not like.)

Tip #2- When in doubt, re-make a pattern you love!  (Yes!  I made more Mermaid tails as Christmas gifts!)








CHEERS!  For a safe New Year’s Eve and Happy New Year!

In quilting,



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3 Responses to Two Tip Tuesday

  1. Thank you so much for your Tuesday tips! Always fun to look forward too! Wishing you a quilts 2016!

  2. Susan says:

    The year ends on happy “tails”! Best wishes for another “brilliant” New Year!

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