Two Tip Tuesday

I want to thank Diana and Karen for their comments on the blog last week!  You both (surprise!!) will be getting my latest pattern “Brilliant Twin Darts”!  (I’ll be sending you both an email tomorrow.). Thank you girls!!

Ever have one of those days?!?  That was today for me.  Lots of unexpected (good) phone calls.  So, the day did not go completely as planned.  Today’s tips will be short and sweet.

I’ve been talking about the Snuggle Tails I have made, but how about those of my customers?  I’ll share some below.   Can you say adorable?!  Thanks for sharing Jessie!

Snuggle Tails - Mermaid

Snuggle Tails – Mermaid









And how and how about these cuties?  I suggested making them big so they could grow into them.  Good job Mindy!  She said they love getting completely inside and snuggling!

Snuggle Tails

Snuggle Tails

#1 – Simple quilting lines get the quilting done!

#2 – Let kids choose the fabrics…even if it is not your choice…they will LOVE it!

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1 Response to Two Tip Tuesday

  1. mumbird3 says:

    Very cute! And you are really correct about letting kids pick their fabric!

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