Two Tip Tuesday

What to do on a snowy weekend?image

Go to a Sew-cation!  I love watching the snow!  I actually love being out in it!  It is also fun to watch it from a window as I’m inside sewing with a group of dedicated quilters!  I spent the weekend in front of my machine at Sturbridge Quilting and Sewing.  I got a lot of sewing and quilting accomplished!

Another tail for a tenth birthday!

Snuggle Tails ~ Mermaid Hannah

Snuggle Tails ~ Mermaid Hannah









and some blocks and designing for the upcoming Block Stock Hop


This is my block!  Brilliant Ribbons (not to be confused with my Brilliant Ribbon Pillow).

Brilliant Ribbons @D.W.

Brilliant Ribbons @D.W.

This is my variation of the Ribbon Star.  I have reconfigured the shapes and simplified the block.  Trapezoids RULE by combining half-squares and rectangles.  Less piecing!  and “Brilliant Bindings” tool can be used to cut the trapezoids!  Amazing layouts happen when every other block is reversed.  I will keep you posted on this fun block.  It will be available on my website free with purchase during the Block Stock Hop.  The Block Stock Hop is Feb. 1 – April 30.  Checkout their website for all the information.  Their website is still a work in progress, so be sure to look back often as more shops/retailers are added.  More information will be on my website, Wendt Quilting Facebook page and right here on the blog as we get closer to the start date.

back to the Sew-cation…..

one of the quilters was talking about her bobbin sensor not working.  Question:  Have you cleaned it recently?  Answer:  No, I just got the machine a couple months ago.  AND then the discussion progressed!  She has used her machine a LOT since it’s purchase.  So “we” opened the bobbin area and what did we find?  Yep! Lots of fuzzies!


So the cleaning continued….


And continued…


and then a look from the back of the machine…


WOW!  She knew she needed to clean, but had no idea it could be so often.  So, moral of that story…

#1 – Lots of machine use requires more cleaning.  Not just once a year 😉

#2 – If your machine starts getting cranky (not running properly), it might just mean you need to get the lint OUT.

Stay in tune with your sewing machine.  I know if my Janome starts eating my beginning threads of a seam it is time to de-lint in the bobbin area, even under the bobbin case!

in quilting,


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3 Responses to Two Tip Tuesday

  1. Barbara says:

    Love that block !!

  2. churcae says:

    Lovely block and great tip about cleaning…i tend to forget my machine loves attention!

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