Two Tip Tuesday

I am the block of the month chair for a guild I belong to (Blackstone Valley Heritage Quilters).  I may have mentioned this guild before.  Instead of giving a different block every month, I decided to focus on ONE block for the year.  I chose a simple nine patch.  There are different ways to color the block.  And they look good by themselves or combined with other blocks.  For just nine “little” squares, they are quiet effective in quilts!

Tomorrow, I will be giving directions for a disappearing nine patch.  I am in love with this technique.  You can use any size nine patch (use the same size for the entire quilt) cut it in half both horizontally and vertically, rearrange and Ta-da a new block!

Nine patch using 6" cut squares.

Nine patch using 6″ cut squares.

Nine patch cut in half both directions

Nine patch cut in half both directions









And there are all kinds of different arrangements!  The arrangement below is my favorite.  The directions I’ll be giving out has nine different layouts!  And there are more!

Disappearing Nine Patch

Disappearing Nine Patch

I won’t spoil the unveiling of the quilts I made for the meeting.  SO, check back next week for more photos and arrangements.

#1 – A simple nine patch block can be cut in half both directions to make a NEW block (disappearing nine patch).

#2 – By using the disappearing nine patch    technique, there are fewer seams to sew and fewer pieces to cut.  ( If you were to cut all the pieces individually in the disappearing block shown, you would need 8 rectangles + 4 small squares + 4 large squares.)


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3 Responses to Two Tip Tuesday

  1. churcae says:

    I like the disappearing nine patch too!

  2. Elisa CZT says:

    Another great blog. I love your ideas!

  3. Cheryl Gucwa says:

    I just returned from a vacation week on Sanibel Island, FL. And of course had to check out a lovely little quilt shop named “Three Crafty Ladies”. Well on their front table I found your Mermaid Tails pattern. I had to tell a group of ladies that I knew the talented designer, and that we belonged to the same quilt guild. Hope I didn’t step on your toes but I think I might have made a few sales for you 😉

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