Two Tip Tuesday

Bindings = Finished Quilts!!  I’m doing the final turn of the binding to the back of the quilt.  As I sit and sew, I’ve been thinking about what people call this process.  In my mind I am finishing the binding or turning the binding to the back.  When I lived in Louisiana, they called it hemming.  It is just like hemming a pair of pants, but I had not heard it called this before.

The two types of stitches I use are the Appliqué stitch and ladder stitch.  I can stitch must faster when I do the appliqué stitch.  The ladder stitch hides the stitch better but I take more time to execute it.  See both types below!

Appliqué stitch –

Appliqué stitch

Appliqué stitch

The needle goes into the backing between the layers and catches just a few threads of the fold.  Pull thread through and repeat.

#1 – all stitching should be done with thread that matches the binding fabric.






Ladder stitch –



The ladder stitch begins by running the needle in the backing between the layers.  From the point that you exit, insert the needle straight across into the fold running needle along the fold.  Exit the fold and insert needle back into the backing, continue repeating the entire process.

#2 – stitch length should be between 1/8″ – 1/4″ long and no longer than 1/4″!

Keep stitch length as even as possible and pull snug, but do not pull too tight to get a pucker.

The quilt in the photo is a new pattern, “Done by Three”.  It will debut at MQX in Sturbridge Quilting and Sewing booth.  Come take a look.  The pattern will be available at the show and on my website in another week.

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