Two Tips on Wednesday

Well, Tuesday flew right by!  And Wednesday is almost gone.  So, tips this week are a day late, obviously.  But first the winner of my Block Stock prize…..

Brilliant Bundle

Brilliant Bundle

drumroll…..Debbie Frick you win!  Debbie, you will receive my Brilliant Bundle!!  Congratulations!!  A huge THANK YOU to everyone who placed an order during the Block Stock event.  I loved seeing all the innovative blocks!  I even made some purchases along with many of you to get blocks.  Please share with me when you make my block into a quilt!  I’d love to see photos.


Spring Market is in two weeks and that means my life is a buzz with final preparations.  Look at my new “little” patterns.  Not little in instruction but, little in size.  And a great price point at $5.  They are designed to be Fast! Fun! Finished!  Look for them on my website next week.  Below are a few of them.

New patterns! D.W.

New patterns! D.W.








Have you sewn any seams lately?  What do you use to mark/guide your seam?

  • One machine has blue tape
  • Another has a line on the throat plate
  • And then there is my 1/4″ foot
  • Or how about a stick on “Ideal Seam Guide” by S0 Very Smooth
Blue Tape as 1/4" guide

Blue Tape as 1/4″ guide

1/4" line on throat plate

1/4" foot

1/4″ foot

"Ideal Seam Guide"

“Ideal Seam Guide”
















#1 – find a mark/guide that YOU can focus on for sewing accurate seams.

and because of the date….May the 4th be with you!

#2 – Press to the dark side.  ( I actually press to the side that works best in the block!)

in quilting,


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1 Response to Two Tips on Wednesday

  1. Debbie says:

    Thank you Debbie! I love your patterns and the Brilliant Tool. I follow the video each time. 🙂

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