Two Tip Tuesday

Last week came and went…without any tips.  I’m back today and on my way to Spring Quilt Market.  I stayed the night in snowy Cheyenne, WY.  (Not expected, didn’t even think about it!!!).  The exciting new BTN patterns I showed earlier will be shown.  My friend Gina Zeleznok of Sturbridge Quilting and Sewing will be promoting her By The Numbers Fabric System with the patterns.  I’ll also show Snuggle Tails made with Cuddle by Shannon Fabrics.

How cute is my doll with her NEW “Cuddle” tail?!?!

"Cuddle" Mermaid Doll

“Cuddle” Mermaid Doll









In working with Cuddle, there are many tips that can be used and many found online.  But, here are a couple that my friend and I found really helped…

“Cuddle” has LOTS of fibers, that is what makes it so YUMMY…when the fabric is cut all those fibers are cut!


#1 – use a vacuum to remove the extra fibers!

Vacuuming to remove excess fibers

Vacuuming to remove excess fibers

I also used my walking foot and lengthened my stitch.  Also in the vacuuming photo,

#2 – put right sides together before you cut and the pieces are ready to sew!

In quilting,


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1 Response to Two Tip Tuesday

  1. churcae says:

    That is just way too cute – wish my daughter was back in the doll stage!! Thanks for sharing!

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