Two Tip Tuesday

More yummy fabric!  Here is more fabric, other than “traditional quilter’s cotton”, that I found at Market.  I talked about “Cuddle” by Shannon Fabrics last week.  How about Shannon’s double gauze?

Double Gauze by Shannon Fabrics

Double Gauze by Shannon Fabrics

This fabric is great for clothing and would also make great baby quilts.  Or a quilt for any age!  It is 100% cotton.

#1 – try sewing/quilting with fabrics other than traditional quilter’s Corton.

#2- check manufactures website for tips in working with their fabric.




I also found “Bolt” by Girl Charlee.  This is preshrunk cotton spandex knits.  Also 100% cotton!

"Bolt" postcard

“Bolt” postcard








Look at these great colors and patterns!

Desert Sky Collection by "Bolt"

Desert Sky Collection by “Bolt”



I’m looking forward to making a summer weight Snuggle Tail and quilt!

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