Two Tip Tuesday – T-shirt Quilts

Around here, school is still in session and graduation parties have begun.  Back in my old stomping ground…the Midwest…graduations have happened and all ages are out of school.  Why do I bring up graduations?  I am a very proud aunt and got to attend my brother’s oldest HS graduation party!  Katie, we are so proud of you!  (and she has requested a t-shirt quilt!!). So I’m using some of my “old” t-shirts to play with random size and placement technique.  I’ve made the simple block type.  The dance quilt below is one I helped a friend with a couple years ago.


Beth’s Eleve Danse Studio quilt

And here is my random pieced quilt!


T-shirt Quilt ..Debbie Wendt

I love how it turned out.  There are several places where I had partial seams.  I’ll give some tips on that next week.  For this week, I’d like to recommend a great T-shirt quilt book.  “How to Make a Too Cool T-shirt Quilt” by Andrea T. Funk.  This has great steps.  One of the additions that I did, that she does not, is to apply a stabilizer.  I used the cheapest fusible Pellon.

#1- Use a fusible interfacing/stabilizer to help control the stretch of T-shirts.

Andrea recommends you cut every shirt to a size divisible by 4.  Great tip and one I highly recommend!  I cut my own templates from plexiglass I purchased at Lowe’s.  (Actually, I had someone at Lowes make a couple of the larger cuts and did the rest myself…I got better cuts!)


T-shirt Templates (each side is divisible by 4)

#2- Keep cut T-shirt sizes consistent.  Whether you use 4″ increments or another number, it makes random piecing a breeze.  Everything fits!

More T-shirt tips next week!

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