Two Tip Tuesday – more on T-shirt quilts (This didn’t get published last week)

For whatever reason, I didn’t do something correctly last week and this was still sitting as a draft.  Ugh!  I apologize!  So here is the tips that were supposed to come to you last week.  I’m going on a Row by Row bus trip so I’ll post an extra bit from that trip later this week.  Below is what went missing…..

Today I want to continue with T-shirt quilts.   When making a random arrangement quilt, there might be sections that come together with angles in what seams like impossible intersections.  Not to worry!  These can be broken down into partial seam construction.

T-shirt Memories - D.W.

T-shirt Memories – D.W.

The center of the section shown at the left, can be pieced in the order shown below.

  1. Pink Missouri to blue Steamboat. (Section 1)
  2. Section 1 to large DZ.  (I’ll call that A, since it is a multiple pieced section)
  3. DEBBIE to Teal Keystone  (Section 2)
  4. Section 2 to above orange Cougars. (B)
  5. B to gray Missouri (C)
  6. to A

Now, that section is together!  Then I would continue looking at other areas and breaking them down into manageable sections!

#1- Break down areas with partial seam construction.

#2- Break quilt into manageable chunks of construction.  Then sew those sections into the final quilt.

If you do not want partial seams, adjust your T-shirt arrangement (or cut T-shirt sizes)  to make long straight lines across the quilt top.  Personally, I love the look and interest that partial seams gives to the overall look.  But, that is your call!  Enjoy making T-shirt quilts!  It can be a great business opportunity.  T-shirts don’t go out of style and it is a great way to recycle the ones you don’t wear anymore.  And a wonderful memory quilt!  Another idea…all those leftover T-shirt backs…useable fabric!  Make into quilt backs or make another quilt!  It is still great soft T-shirt fabric, just without the logos.

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1 Response to Two Tip Tuesday – more on T-shirt quilts (This didn’t get published last week)

  1. Thanks for the tips! I was away last week 🙂 so I didn’t miss you too much…..but I found a great quilt shop on my travels in Seattle….Undercover Quilts! and I drank lots of coffee…..

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