Two Tip Tuesday – after a show

I think I’ve got the after a show blues.  I love being at shows and seeing all my friends and meeting new Quilters.  Then, I get home and try to regroup.  It can be a let down.  I’m trying to find a tip in there somewhere.  From several of the comments I got a couple weeks ago, many of you come home energized from a quilt show!  Perfect!  I need to catch that enthusiasm.  Being on my feet for four days straight is tiring.  BUT, For me giving new quilter’s tips, hearing feedback from my students and hearing how you like my patterns is uplifting and my tired feet don’t fell so bad.  And thank goodness for floor pads!  My mini pads work great when space is an issue.

Puzzle floor pads

Puzzle floor pads

#1- Use floor pads when standing for long periods of time.  (While cutting or at your long arm)

and look…#2- Inspiration for appliqué quilt blocks!



And to top off Quilt Week in Syracuse, James Taylor was in concert next door!!  Perfect timing…and quick last minute tickets purchased…and third row seats!

Third row view!

Third row view!


James Taylor in concert Syracuse

James Taylor in concert Syracuse

JT's backdrop

JT’s backdrop

Big screen JT!

Big screen JT!




















I have a new photo to share…

Tool Twist by Patty Wheeler

Tool Twist by Patty Wheeler



This is is from my Tool Twist class from 2015 in Paducah.  Awesome job Patty, I LOVE the colors!  I love how the colors match my concert photos!

in quilting,


P.S. Sorry last weeks post didn’t show up on FaceBook, not sure why…?!?

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2 Responses to Two Tip Tuesday – after a show

  1. Patty Wheeler says:

    Debbie – Thanks for posting the picture of my quilt! We went to the JT concert too (in row 7 so we were not very far apart!). All around a great time in Syracuse.

  2. Ali says:

    Hi Debbie!!! Jame Taylor!!! How awesome!!!! Lucky you – I love his music!!! I have post vacation letdown!!! I had such a good time visiting with my sister and now I am back to work and my sewing studio is piled high with the debris from last minute projects that I had to finish before I left! To top it off, we have no air conditioning – sigh…it’s hot!!! But I am making a list of things I want to accomplish at home! My sister found some great wool fabric for me on our forays into flea markets and gave me some old linens that our grandmother had tatted edges for so I am going to incorporate those into a new project!!

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