Two Tip Tuesday – another show

Hello Grand Rapids!  I’m set up and ready for AQS Quilt Week to open tomorrow!  Any of you coming to the show?  You can find me in Booth #1021.  I’ll be demoing Brilliant Bindings, have “I am AQS” show specials, and have all my new patterns and the quilts with me!!  Come by, say hi and shop!  I’m looking forward to seeing you!

Rremember, I love hearing reports on my quilts you have made.  Any of you who took my binding class last year…please stop in!

I was getting a backing ready to go on my long arm before I left.  It is flannel!  I love how yummy it feels on the back of a quilt!  When working with flannel, I always pre-wash!

#1- Pre-wash flannel!  It takes care of any shrinkage.  (Typically flannel shrinks more than “regular” cotton.)

and…I pinked the edges of the backing seams.  It sure kept the fraying to a minimum.  As I’ve mentioned before I use a 1/2″ seam for the backing seams.

Pinking rotary blade

#2- Wavey rotary blade works great for pinking edges of fabric!

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4 Responses to Two Tip Tuesday – another show

  1. I have been pre-washing most everything lately. I pink the edges with the wavey blade BEFORE I wash. Saves any mess in the washer from stringy edges.

  2. debbiewendt says:

    I pinked before I washed as well. Forgot to mention that! I sewed the backing together, pinked and then washed. Worked like a charm. Thanks for mentioning this!!

  3. Diana Gates says:

    Thanks Debbie…I use flannel often for baby blankets , but have not used as a backing on a quilt before…I do prewash..and serge the edges before washing..but now I will pink the edges ..good tip…I want to use it as a backing now…

  4. Ali says:

    I prewash my backs too – but I had not thought of pinking them! Thanks for the tip!

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