Two Tip Tuesday – on Wednesday

I was traveling back from the Chattanooga show yesterday.  I got to spend a couple extra days with my parents!  Always a bonus!  A day late, but not two tips short!!!

I’m working on a little project and needed a mug handle.  Instead of paper piecing with loads of seams, I decided to use an old trick of using a bias strip of fabric and appliqué it on.   (Technique is similar to sewing a bias stem!!).  The curve of the handle was tricky to machine sew.  So, I ended up hand sewing it on.  The steps are listed below with photos.  Bare in mind the section I am sewing it onto is only 1″ x 1 3/4″.  That is TINY!

I cut a bias strip 1″ wide.  Pressed it in half lengthwise.  A funny camera angle makes it look like it is not in half.

1" bias strip folded in half...funny camera angle makes it look like it is not in half

1″ bias strip folded in half…

I drew the handle curve onto the background fabric.

#2- I used a “Frixion” pin by Pilot.  It irons out of most fabrics.  Always test marking tools!  I find the Frixion can leave a shadow where you marked.

Handle placement line

Handle placement line

The cut edges of the bias strip goes on the drawn line.  Sew with 1/4″ seam.  It was so small I couldn’t get to the curve to smooth it out.  SO,  I hand sewed and adjusted the curve.

Too tiny of a curve for A smooth machine Sewn line

Too tiny of a curve for
A smooth machine
Sewn line


Hand sewn seam!

Hand sewn seam!

Push the bias strip over the line of stitching and folded edge encases seam allowance.

Folded over into place

Folded over into place

Hand stitch (appliqué) in place.

Appliqué into place

Appliqué into place

Ta Da!  A tiny handle!

Mug handle

Mug handle

#2 – Don’t be afraid to mix techniques!  The appliqué handle was much easier than paper piecing the curve.

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