Two Tip Tuesday – strip sewing

I’ve been sewing a lot of strips together for a new pattern that will be released at Fall Market.  (Photo will be shared once I get it quilted!!). There are some things I do to keep my strips nice and straight and even.  You may already incorporate these in your cutting and sewing but it never hurts to review.  Sometimes, as I’m sewing, I look at what I do automatically and think…now what did I just do to make that come out as precise as possible?!?

First…you strips must be cut straight.

#1- straight strip must be straight!  And ends are cut at perfect right angles (90 degrees)

I made a video clip to illustrate this but it is not posting correctly.  I will put it on YouTube later this week for you to reference.  I’ll post a link once I get it done.

The photo below left is correctly sewn…no jump along strip join.  The right photo below has a jump…NOT good!  A jump can cause a variation in seam allowance and uneven sewn strips.



#2- Be sure when sewing ends do not slip and cause a jump in the strip set!

Jump...not good

Jump…not good









Next in cutting strip length….I’ll post another video later this week to show my ruler orientation to reduce having to keep turning your ruler for measuring.  Cut end, slide down, cut length!  It can be that simple.  Remember always double check to see you measured correctly!

My mom and I set up my booth for AQS Des Moines today.  Show opens tomorrow!  Hope to see you there.  Stop by and say hello… booth #1425!!

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